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Going to KL later an I am still awake... will be back on Sunday or Monday...
Take care friends.. Hope i will have fun
computer connection down dammit.... so can't upload the pics.. using fren's com.
the sales are ok actually but it's just that i love shopping overseas and not in singapore
oppps... better get it fixed ;-) oh really? Was the sale @ KL real cheap? cos one of my fren came in n he bought lots of stuff man. u knw the male section @ CK Tang Level 3? Yeap most of the apparels can be found in KL. Price difference was so great.

Agree w u. Shopping overseas is a lot more fun then in SG. =)
did not shop at tangs... did go to star hill but i went to the designer BUTIKS hahahaha
spent too much money no money liao
Wow ur reply is real fast man! haha.. nice right their clothes? There is one local brand called Peter Hoe I think. Think their clothes are very simple in design. And its nice too. =)

Budget manz! Muz save liao rite? =) not very familiar w KL cos I seldom go there unless my parents or friends go down n I join them. =P
see that you put up nice user pics.. ;)
my fashion knowledge quite lousy so hmmm i dunno what you are talkin abt! hahaha
*bleah* nice user pics? haha.. joking right? haha.. oh u mean u re not clear w the sentence "Budget manz! Muz save liao rite?" Well in short save den go shopping again lorz haha...
yeah i hope i hope.... must save money ... economic crisis!
Of course it is!