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woke up feeling goggy.
can't even stand up properly after i pang sai.

waterfall...RUSSIAN COWBOYS...flaming lambourghini...beer...bacardi 151...
power power power

no wonder bloody speedo28 chickens out on wanting to drink with me again and made up blasphemous behaviour about me yesterday night
poo poo poo
hahaha made up blasphemous behaviour?

anyway it's PPK's Resurection, not Space Melody!!! :-P
Of course.... i didnt remember any of them so they must be untrue!

And I am listening to my DJ non-stop hits 2002 track 10 SPACE MELODY ( extended mix ) by LUNA PARK
Fwah~! Lucky I siamz~!

I can't drink as well as you guys and would surely be kissing the floor by the third glass.

Werd can drink so much better than me though.

::points at the above comment::

Obviously our dearest Porn Queen got it all wrong. and hey what's up with yesterday...sunday.... EMBASSY??
heh. that's alright. I was at Marina Square happily spending my last remaining 2 bucks for the day on arcading with Vester and PBF.

By the 3rd glass then drunk ah...then that would make you slightly better than Yubin.
His brain a bit slower, (water retention maybe), pass the limit already and he still go on drinking.
His stomach works faster though, all will come out before the club closes.
dun bluff bluff lar... you can drink so much better than me lor
Helloooo...after going on a drinking spree hor, I still want to maintain some dignity and strut out hor. Not make a mess of myself, in front of Centro no less.
I still do want to get invited back the next week and try and get picked up. ;P

more awake now. I will write a FULL account.
seeing that it's probably inevitable that yubin *will* get drunk every time we club, might as well start earlier in the night so that he can get his pukking out of sight of the club-leaving crowd...
call yourself a fren! hahaha we go some cheapo beer garden and drink or perhaps zouk wine bar? cheap and good!
You guys are simply amazing. Every week surely got drinking fiesta. Still reminds me of Germany and their Beer fest in Munich! =P
JOIN US!!!! ok ? haha

U definitely deserve an award for the "stuff" you have forced down your throat!
"Si Mi Sai Ma Lim" award :)

bloody hell. i dun drink any kinda shit ok ? cowie and tim also drank those stuff with me.
but wow.. it's damn good lor!!!
Dunno what to say....
-stays at home and attempts to drink his vod and baileys-
Been left there for like forever...
Still never touch.

OH well...
Haha, maybe your bday or something give you.
go your house to drink?