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This might sound lame, but i gamed my first "thirteen wonders" from mahjong from many years of mahjong! And it was victoria who threw the "bai ban" for me to game! Simply Shiok!

Sounds superstitious, but people like jaer says that people who gamed this thirteen wonders aka SHI SAN YAO will have bad luck... which made me wonder whether...

1) the dead bird that i almost stepped into
2) the car crash i saw at siglap
3) the chair that i broke as i was leaning too far back

... are signs of bad luck ?
I think i better start wearing good luck charms...
Well, I was unlucky for two weeks after I gamed it.
Both times.
But it was nothing serious nor fatal, of course, just plain unlucky.
Besides, it might be different for you.
Prolly it's different for different people? ? hehz
i know of a malay guy who plays mahjong in english. shi san yao is actually thirteen imps & he will ask things like "what is the prevailing wind?".... said he learnt frm his mum...

hmmm saying "ninety-thousand" is kinda a mouthful compared to "jiu-wan"... wonder how long each round would take!
haha... it's kinda like watching an ang-moh/foreigner gamble in some hongkong movie a la god of gamblers, etc...
havent you heard ang mohs playing mahjong
they got this " pong " in a very funny accent.. entertaining
heard it from this mahjong game called Hong KOng mahjong which i played quite some time ago
yah haha actually now i remember my bro used to play it all night on my 386 PC running MS-DOS eons ago...
yeah it was very fun wasn't it... missed playing those geeky computer games that are much more imaginative and creative as compared to games that are focused on graphics and speed.
yah lor... it's a lot more difficult to make a fun game out of 256 colours and limited sound...
Geeky meh? these were the best 2 that I've come across, still the best i feel, one's good for network playing and the other's a good and realistic single player game.. old old games... :p

Solo Mahjong.... (hkmj)(PC)

..and network mahjong by http://www.mindertech.com/ (PC)
MY god! you managed to find it! you are amazing! hahaha too bad i can't play.. haha
thirteen imps? this is the first time i have heard abt this.... prevailing winds? hmmm
such an interesting game this mahjong .. haha
think you're supposed to walk around the table backwards after you score that... uh, then again the backwards part i'm not too sure. but definitely got to get up from the table and do something.
oh no i did not .. and i did not get any red packets.. does that mean i am going to have bad luck ?
well one thing definitely is don't let it become a self fulfilling prophecy la.
haha the problem is subconsciously one will think so lor.... wat to do? but i try not to think otherwise