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Pondering about homo sapiens.
And i think i will never figure how people think even on the day i die.

No matter how "good" a person is
He may be nasty and destructive to someone else
I do not understand some individuals in my life who are out to affect my emotions.
Must I portray a good image to make myself lovable to every single soul out there?
I'd rather be myself.
And I thank God for some people who had been very patient with me.

People change... don't they?
I always believe that under that deceiving mask, human beings will always tend to keep their inner heuristics and perceptions towards certain things for the rest of their lives.
But due to certain circumstances, they force themselves to revamp their thinkings and behaviour just to protect themselves and yet, on the other hand, ignore the chances available to them.

We are all lambs who require someone to guide us along before we fall down the clift.

And yet, we all know the answer
And sometimes we don't

Confusion at 3.41am
I still can't sleep cos i can't figure out.
Maybe i am the only stupid one around.
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