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Pondering about homo sapiens.
And i think i will never figure how people think even on the day i die.

No matter how "good" a person is
He may be nasty and destructive to someone else
I do not understand some individuals in my life who are out to affect my emotions.
Must I portray a good image to make myself lovable to every single soul out there?
I'd rather be myself.
And I thank God for some people who had been very patient with me.

People change... don't they?
I always believe that under that deceiving mask, human beings will always tend to keep their inner heuristics and perceptions towards certain things for the rest of their lives.
But due to certain circumstances, they force themselves to revamp their thinkings and behaviour just to protect themselves and yet, on the other hand, ignore the chances available to them.

We are all lambs who require someone to guide us along before we fall down the clift.

And yet, we all know the answer
And sometimes we don't

Confusion at 3.41am
I still can't sleep cos i can't figure out.
Maybe i am the only stupid one around.
Hmmm sad but true ...a facade is an essential part of human relations... the difference between who you are and wat you want others to think of you. I guess there has to be some middle ground that is acceptable to both. As long as no one get hurt, not intentionally anyhow ...at least that's my motto.
renton has made an excellent point.
Facades (fur-sard, cross reference with Scummy's 14NOV post) are lines of defences that we put up to protect ourselves from new people. so much so that we end up NOT being ourselves.

I guess most importantly is to be true to yourself, like Ethan Zohn, the sole survivor in Survivor Africa, playing the game with as much honesty and truthfulness to himself as possible. Who knows, we might actually be in this HUGE reality game called LIFE.

And if you have individuals out to affect your emotions, darling, you are hanging out with the wrong friends. *Take BIG finger, squish squish person* and be on your way.

Maybe you are the only stupid one around?
Maybe you are the only smart one.
But I know at 3am, you should be sleeping ot else old already will have eye bags one. :P
(I think I wrote too much...on a rant)
thanks my fren. guess you are right.
just wondering cos there might be people who seemed so dear yet they want to test their importance by playing with your emotions....
intentional? or harmless?
whatever it is...
how can human beings not get hurt? sometimes even unintentions cause misunderstandings due to oversensitivity. and all these are difficult to ignore.
...but dat's the way humans are. The whole transcience thing will forever be a double edged sword. At times we put on our veils to protect people, kinda like the idea that if you have nothing nice to say, dun say it at all. We not be frank and honest abt our feelings, but we save others from being hurt. Whereas there are those who just love blowing your candles out for some apparent reason (usually it boils down to them being insecure and jealous and lashing out against the members of their peers whom they envy). Of course the are times when emotions shift due to some unexpected event...and due to my dumb luck, the people around me tend to focus on the negative.
Lots of people in this world suck, lots dun. Just be one of those people who dun suck and hope that the positivity u give out will be reciprocated (esp by loved ones and your closest friends)....if they dun, i think u need to rethink whether they are really your friends.
haha either that or rethink the positivity you are giving out...as the saying goes, if the whole world is mad maybe you're the one who's crazy :)
I am usually very straightforward. but i have learnt to say things that are not constructive yet destroys someone's emotions. unless constructive, that is. and i agree that there are always some assholes out there who are just love to do things that are obviously, irritating you. They know it. And I know it.

dealing with people is never easy. Just trying to learn how to control my emotions by having positive and logical thinking of the great mind.
(Deleted comment)
the route to heaven is paved with evil intentions
and angels you will find, to lift you in such times when you go spinning away.
well..no nid to say..but you know i'll be there..

..i know no chim stuffs lah..but I do know that sometimes, sum pple say things they do not mean, to pple who mean something to them, so that maybe they will get a reaction to justify that they are cared for....*head spins*
caring is just a way of hoping reciprocated love.
what's the use
I dun think anyone is a lit student and would mind me twisting good ol' shakespeare (shake spear? wah, he is PCC king) a little but in this world there'll always be those who dramatise things too much or spread misinformation too...let's just snipe them one by one.
we are never truthful ... are we?
What happen?
How come so upset?
just got disappointed with the human race basically... nothing much .... i am ok.... thanks! hugz
"the human race" ??
wah lau
dat means me included ar :(

i get u a drink at ynot lor, then er u become less disappointed in me can?


haha you are so sensitive...
basically with alot of people around me but it doesnt matter
cos no man's better than another man... i suppose.
aint it?
how come so chim one?
"no man's better than another man" ?

Gimme a few real men anytime.

i am sure there are lotsa men out there for ya to grab
" come and get me boyz "