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Had a nice Jappy buffet at honjin yesterday nite with jaer, cowie, tacuma and captain_joe. Ate until i felt like puking.

Idiotic evolution77 joined us a Billabong later for a little karaoke session and bloody hell just becos i took a picture of him smoking he deleted ALL away the pictures inside the digital cam! ALL of them are my brother's pictures! He still haven't found out. Will be DEAD if he does. Till then.

Know that this is nothing NEW on a friday nite that me and Jaer went down to YN to meet wolfegod to keep my bloody promise.. haha anyway it was a crazy nite. Very crazy.
To start if off, it's all my fault that my hands are still trembling, my head is still dizzy and bloody stomach is still churning. Played silly games, drank red wine mixed with vodka ribena, a lambo with those guys, shared a graveyard with wolfegod, had a sambuca ( dunno how is it spelled )with louie and jeff, and a fake frustration done by the bartender.

Wobbling my way out when my brother said he will fetch me home. And hey hell, change of plans, asked me to go to EMBASSY! haha happening. Brother brought me in, no cover charge. Hap. Drinks waiting for me again. Had a lambo with my brother and my uncle is there too ? So immediately i still managed to be straight while i am drunk. Tried to hit on this girl Jane who's 20 and a sq stewardess and another girl ... can't remember what's her name.

Went home and puked like nobody's buisness. Believe me, it's been long since i had a hangover. I believe it's that bloody graveyard.

Apologies to renton, i got intoxicated again. hahaha maybe you can go ahead with your evil intentions to finish this drunkard off the planet. Think i will be sleepin agian.
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