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Went out with tacuma, captain_joe, evolution77,
kevin82, Brandon and Wylem.
For the first time went to YN on a Wednesday... Cheap cheap...
housepours at $5 and jugs at $18...
sang karaoke like nobody's buisness had a shiok shiok time
Luckily i was driving so spared alot of intoxication... and those boys... tsk tsk getting drunk by vodka ribena... haha
but i did something bad by buying stouts for them hahaha....

Crazy holidays... hope this will never end! it's nice doing silly things everyday... not much things to worry about
though i will become more and more stupid

, me and silly songbirds tacuma, captain joe and kevin82

tacuma, kevin82, captain joe, me and wylem

the glass game we played

Wednesday Madness!!!
looks like one drinking spree.... haha.
next wednesday wanna go ? Jaer is angry we didnt call him... haha
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!u all had fun without me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!boo hoo hoo boo hoo hoo boo hoo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aiyah you not ard you expect us to rot at home meh???
ohhh we muz go on wed... cheap cheap and ktv!
YN on a wednesday is a first for anybody man....and so much for being a poor penniless student who believes in yknow the rest....truth...blah blah.....gawd how much did u guys spend on a WEDNESDAY?
the drinks are very cheap...
i spent about $40 for quite ALOT of drinks! hehe
i mean... the amount which you definitely will not get on a weekend nite.. come back come back!
OopS, why everyone so angryyy...
haha becos it's impossible to invited everyone .
next time we just keep quiet
Hmmm Not sure if any of you agree but doesnt yubin's new pic look like the hong kong actor wang xi is it?.....kinda cute heh heh heh
you're not the first who said i look like him
but neh... i dun think so... haha
haha.. I duah that Wylem, but see. in the end also can end up having so much fun........... Oh gosh, I don't know what shit i'm into this time!! And yes, it's with regards to the job........
OOh, i heard about the job thingy..
good luck !!!
WAh...Wednesday also so happening at WN!
SO this Wed must secretly pop by and spot all the cuties already!

Also your 2nd picture, the names are labelled in the wrong sequence right? captain joe and kevin82 should switch places?

Anyhow. Take care and see you around....

haha you are so sharp to spot my mistakes... haha
i did not check actually.. ok....
yeah see ya next wed? haha
woooo, nice tee you have. hehee.... nice cutting too. sorry they dun have the sleeveless one... i want to go sing song too... when we going to 'pop!' hahahaha...........
thanks to you who bought it for me... hahahaha you always not around one... say call me also never call. haha