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Wednesday Madness!!

Went out with tacuma, captain_joe, evolution77,
kevin82, Brandon and Wylem.
For the first time went to YN on a Wednesday... Cheap cheap...
housepours at $5 and jugs at $18...
sang karaoke like nobody's buisness had a shiok shiok time
Luckily i was driving so spared alot of intoxication... and those boys... tsk tsk getting drunk by vodka ribena... haha
but i did something bad by buying stouts for them hahaha....

Crazy holidays... hope this will never end! it's nice doing silly things everyday... not much things to worry about
though i will become more and more stupid

, me and silly songbirds tacuma, captain joe and kevin82

tacuma, kevin82, captain joe, me and wylem

the glass game we played

Wednesday Madness!!!
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