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Struggling to do my F***ing tutorial now damn sian!
when life is crazy
you must accept it
acceptance speech :

1.I thank my best friend Lilan for deserting me for her studies when i miss going out with her for chain smoking and her freshest gossips of her bimboic life


2.I want to thank my mother for scolding me everyday for not being hardworking enough and CONSTANTLY threatening me to kick me out of the house if i dye my hair, i smoke, or i fail my exams.

3.I want to thank my friends who constantly treat me to intoxication which destroy the chances of a lifetime.

4.I want to thank God that through this time of sadness i have to go thru' and there will be twists to the storyline which somehow make my life so much better.

5.Lastly I want to thank crazy frens that are always there who are always offering exciting things to do ( ya noe who you are ) to make my life more crazy
I also wanna thank u for watching that dumb vanilla sky show with me when i was sad. cheer up... things can't get any worse...
Hey sw, thanks. WHen are we going for another show? Because i am sad now! haha
Life really sux ya noe
"why live life from dream to dream "
oh yeepin... i miss you so badly... i wish i can run into ur hunky embrace at this second. life is no good here. miss ur presence, miss ur voice, miss u just being there, miss old susan and the happening tunes she sings, miss bad boy, miss u shouting at me, miss miss miss... life is no good without u.

Dear Lilan.
Life is not the same

1. Susan went to mortuary already but i was the last to say good bye

2. When you come back you should see Rose

3. My voice is getting croaky from the ciggies

But i miss you

1. I miss your young and perky figure that never seems to go against gravity

2. I miss you so much that i will never shout at you.. at least for one week when you come back year end.

Lilan, best of frens rite?