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Had a wonderful day at M'sia with weiqiang2206, tyventus and pat.
Drove down to Johor where lies the infamous traffic
Surprising i knew how to get from one point to the other
all the way...
till when i reached the singapore checkpoint...
went up to the bus lane
stopped by a policeman ( wow )
opened the gate made me u-turn to JB and had to squeeze my way through big trucks to get back to the silly checkpoint again.

Worth it worth it... bought 7DVDs and managed to get my previous DVDs changed due to poor recording ( Titanic and the wonderful eyes wide shut ) and had a stupendous dinner at Peking RESTORAN. Hehe

Now gonna drown myself in the DVDs i bought
1. Silence of the lambs
2. Harry Potter and the Socceror's Stone
4. Beauty and the Beast ( special edition )
5. Mulan
6. Pocahontas ( ok by now you will be calling me a disney freak.. it's a collection for
my niece )
7. Romeo and Juliet

Ok.. the next dvd...
is it the special edition one??
which DVD are you refering to ? haha some are... some are not.
you wanna watch ?
This one =)
What? No anime no porn?
aiyah cannot tell everyone i buy porn mah.... but yeah got one fascinating anime porn
it's called " Jaer and the flintstones"
Huh? Not "Cowie, YuBin and the Two Huge Towers"?

Wait... my mistake, that's 8X hardcore/BDSM/bestiality/kinky porn.
your head ah! i got no porn one lar.....
no need to fantasize abt me the real life one is better
yup is your LOTR the special extended edition(Director's CUT)?
would wanna get it. Is it 2 DIsc?
yeah again i said. it is a 2 discs set and i got only the 1st disc cos i must pay extra for the 2nd disc and i wanna save abit money first so i got the 1st disc first. =)
poor guy lar me
thanks for the info bro...gonna go Jay Bee pretty soon.. =p
long time never buy p* stuff =p
Erm...my daytime job is selling illegal DVDs ler.. :P
So if you need any titles can look for me.

Did you also know that there are 2 types of DVDs....the DVD5s and the DVD9s. The DVD9s usually got all the special special features and stuff.

If anyone of you all going JayBee right, visit the Holiday Plaza first floor. The store next to the Quickly bubbletea or the one between the shoe shop and mamashop. They are all run by the same family...all Chongs (ask for Desmond easier). If you want it delivered, tell them put together with Ah long and his sister's shipment (that's me), or ask for special price. I think DVD5 is RM $8 and DVD9 is RM $12.

Ok...I think i said too much already.

Oh...you should also pop by City Square...the POS shop. They have designer rejects at really great prices...abercrombie, DKNY, CAlvins etc etc...
yeah i know quite some stuff abt JB... anyway you really sell illegal dvds? sell em at a special price to me i buy from you lor! haha
Wow, first trip and Jay Bea ALREADY AH?!
Must be careful yeah, you know the situation la....
Anyway, jaybee's a very very good place to shop AND eat.
Seafood's quite fresh! =)
Love the bbq stuff.
Well when I finally get out of ns can go jaybee for holiday.
That'll be a long long long time. (-_-)"
when you ord? haha yeah we had seafood for dinner
the garlic steamed prawns is heavenly!!!
Sigh.... 240504
Long long long time more....

Oh well shall make the best of it. =)

Wah wah wah wah.... saying all the food.....
Make me jealous only.
-envy envy- =P
Nevermindz. I'll stick to my tom yam nissin cup noodles for now. =)