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First Drive

Had a wonderful day at M'sia with weiqiang2206, tyventus and pat.
Drove down to Johor where lies the infamous traffic
Surprising i knew how to get from one point to the other
all the way...
till when i reached the singapore checkpoint...
went up to the bus lane
stopped by a policeman ( wow )
opened the gate made me u-turn to JB and had to squeeze my way through big trucks to get back to the silly checkpoint again.

Worth it worth it... bought 7DVDs and managed to get my previous DVDs changed due to poor recording ( Titanic and the wonderful eyes wide shut ) and had a stupendous dinner at Peking RESTORAN. Hehe

Now gonna drown myself in the DVDs i bought
1. Silence of the lambs
2. Harry Potter and the Socceror's Stone
4. Beauty and the Beast ( special edition )
5. Mulan
6. Pocahontas ( ok by now you will be calling me a disney freak.. it's a collection for
my niece )
7. Romeo and Juliet

Ok.. the next dvd...
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