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The telephone rang
"What's the time now?"
I've got only 15 minutes to rush from my house to my school in boon lay
At least 30 minutes
My exam paper.. how?
"Fuck it... da bao lor... think i am going to fail if i do take it anyway..."

Bad omen... hardly can i remember a dream so vividly.
A bad dream. Is it forecasting something bad that is going to happen to me?
Dun tell me i am going to fail for a paper i did not even register for this semester?
sigh... i dun want to da bao.
I dreamt i got back my results.. All pass one got credit.. But just wasn't able to look at the result i wanted to know most.. Sigh.. Bad Omen?? or Omar?? hahaa.......
OMAR is hmmmm i shouldnt say who.... but...
sigh... i woke up feeling that the whole thing is sooooo
fifteen minutes is not possible? haha the way you drive? you're kidding me right?

it's been so many years, but so traumatic was it that i still get recurring nightmares of my o-level chinese exams...
15 minutes is NOT possible
the fastest i got there is 25 min.
and usually it's about 30 - 35 min
well.. i am a safe driver...
But you people don't have a cap score to maintain right? ::patpat::
cap score to maintain? what's that?
i just noe that by NOT attending the exams... will result in a big fat F cos NTU's examination weightage is usually very high... like at least 55% to 80% weightage?
ooo. wait. what happens if you get a big fat F for papers? do you just retake the module the follow semester?
"ting ren shuo meng he xian shi hui xiang fan... meng dao ku lei shui jiu hui dai li bei shang..."

I always dream I forget to go for exam. Very scary.
this song is kelly's WO BU GUAN rite? if it's really true.. then it might be i passed my exams?
or not?
sigh.... why do people live with such insecurities?
wah... haha you remember huh.

i guess for some, they think once they have done enough to prepare for their exams they're alright about it la... but for people like me, who not only don't do enough preparation, but also feel insecure that anything can go wrong...

murphy's laws maybe...
of course i still remember.. com'on test me anytime of the day.. haha

anyway, you are not the only one living with insecurities.... never had pleasant dreams abt em.
Can walk in late for examinations right?
in my dreams.... i DID not go for the exams.. i did not have the choice to choose whether i want to go or not..
i did not go.. cos i knew that i will fail...
very scary leh.. i woke up thinking that i DO have an unfinished examination paper and to realise that it's a nitemare... an omen?
I also wish I can read dreams.
Especially mine. =P
i believe there are people who actually read dreams rite? dreams are actually very powerful.
i believe they are some sorta indicators too rite?