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"Oh so cute"
Carried my friends' dog into my arms
I felt warm ... and wet
I looked down ...
it's too late to do anything
"YUCKS" i shouted
but hey ,i thought " how does the dog knows my fetish ? "
is this some kinda indication that i should go for my dreams
or hey, maybe it IS time for me to be REALLY lucky with money!
dun get what you mean.. its not everyday dogs pee on me! anyway! i did not strike toto
No lah~ You strike toto when you step on dog shit.
Dog pee on you is simply just your fetish.

issit? cowie says its good luck
sigh make me go and buy so much toto
oh well!
dunno leh, they said if a bird shits on your head it's good luck so i extrapolated that lor...
Well, I can pee and shit on you anytime you want.

HAHA i didnt know you are a BIRD!
and i am not sure if YOU HAVE a BIRD in the first place!
Of course I do.

Wouldn't you like me to slap you with it?

even if you do i am sure it is not big enought to be swung around
tiny little prick!
Oh no you don't. I know you desperately want it but you're not going to trick me into giving it to you.

Try harder. =P
please lor watever
i know little pricks have longer endurance due to insensitivity