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"Oh so cute"
Carried my friends' dog into my arms
I felt warm ... and wet
I looked down ...
it's too late to do anything
"YUCKS" i shouted
but hey ,i thought " how does the dog knows my fetish ? "
is this some kinda indication that i should go for my dreams
or hey, maybe it IS time for me to be REALLY lucky with money!
haha havent you heard of it? hahaha www.dictionary.com
dun think they have it there..
but hmmmmmmm i think it's quite well known. hahaha
w a t e r s p o r t s ?

didn't know you're into that...


WATERSPORTS? yeah i am into canoeing, wakeboarding ... ... ...
heh heh
trying very hard to act innocent eh ?
hmmmm so what is it called?....tell me... must learn something new everyday man...
it is called golden shower lor.... as said
i see....i see.....and how do you like it best....warm?....cold?....fresh?....all over you....
not the dog's pee definitely and i am just teasing hahaha
i like it warm though if i have to choose... wooo