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Did something embarassing today.. yet it was so fun
felt like a testosterone-driven teenager stalker again
Went down to the airport with weiqiang2206 and meilin
Got the staff pass and went all the way to arrival gate and was the first to see her
OHHHHHHH!!!!!! i got to follow her for almost 20-30 minutes!
saw her buying perfume, got her autographs, saw her manager, went out with her to see her crazy fans at the arrival hall " KELLY "

arrival of Kelly via CX735 at gate D44

My hand... and her hand

Me and kelly!!!!!

Kelly and Kyan!!!


Her happening back-fit... oh lilan ...see her LAO HU PI???

Call me crazy. at least i never hire a van and go after her!!!
Thanks to weiqiang for always doing silly crazy whatever things with me!
Haha.. it's not a date la. =)
Just a get to know meeting thing.
Well you could call mr weiqiang too.
But I can't treat ALL of you la.. heee
*poOr Ns GuY*

Hows the weekend been dude?

ohhhh a meeting between two sorta anonymous homo sapiens = date ...
isnt it? haha
but the NS pay has been way high as compared to my NS pay eons ago.
sigh... fortunate souls
But but but.... it's not anonymous, I know him haha.. =)
So it's a meeting of friends...
Unless you don't regard me as one lor...
-grin- =P

The pay rise is ok lar...
In conjunction with the rise in transport and stuff.... Still very much the same.
here yubin regards little prince as a fren
-so sweeett-

*licks* =)