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My brother passed his driving test today!!!!
oh no wonder...haha..nevermind..MRT just beside your house...
yeah lor... now got POWER struggle!
wah he took his time doing it man.....sigh less hours my future ahmad will be able to send me around
where got take his time... his license was revoked
yesterday passed his test with 18 points
wah now every moment keep asking where is the car!! my god
Doesnt the car belong to you?...Just tell him cannot use lor
If you got a brother and he wants to use the car... and he claims he has important uses..
i am sure you will lend
and he has all sorts of IMPORTANCE in his life
where now i am having an insignificant holiday

well dont get too upset....am sure he wont wreck it...how about asking mum to get him one?....
sigh how can trust people to buy car....
wait for me or my brother to strike toto then buy car ourselves... haha
Well i will definitely trust my mum to buy me a car if she is paying for it....she has good taste and i shape her taste of course..=P
hmmm my mum likes toyotas and nissans...
good taste??
haha no offense but if you actually do think about it, what he says is probably true... :-)
economy very bad lar cowie
me and bro both very poor cannot afford ah sia life sigheeee
totally understand.. my third brother got a SRAD 600 but everytime see my xiao mien yang just itchy want to ride it... Irritating.. too bad my license cannot ride big bikes.. grrr..... or else.. woooooohoooooooo
i also want to ride your little lamb... but i dun even have a class 2 license... boo hoo...
Go get a class 2B.. Go go go..
would love to actually, but then again, i am too lazy and yeah.... my mum will kill me