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Bachelors' Night's out with divineblack, cowie, kevin82 and jacob.

Bloody paid S$8.20 for one plate of NASI LEMAK at Upp. Serangoon Rd
Call me a cheapo but .. bloody hell.. not worth it
Wanted to eat the famous curry rice but it's open only at 2am and we were too "early"

Went to cowie's house after that to help him finish his Bombay's Gin tonic, Absolute Vodka, Jack Daniel's, Barcadi, his whatever brandy.. did we have fun playing cards.
Feel that it's more fun drinking with frens in someone else's house ... at least the embarrasing things that happened will not be seen by strangers.

For once, I did not do anything embarrassing ( i believe ), what the bloody hard liquour gave me was just a horrendous headache
Should see the rest of the gang SOOOOOOO uninhibited... tsk tsk tsk
Shan't say anything but hey gotta have a great finale before divine black leaves for a month
to Shanghai to dance the men away

Bye bye Tim! :~
SO MEAN........
Yeah, well we ALL know those are shows, I mean how many people DO get married to celebs....

Well.... he so popular, I where got chance...
-give up hope-
watched? something abt mary rite? got chance got chance !
i give you full support! hahahahaha
you must bribe me first woh.... not cheap not cheap
Yeap, watched that show, quite hilarious.....
-zip up pants?-

Aiyoh.... you give me support?
Sekali I'm some monster or something, then you intro to your good friend a evil minion ready to eat his brains out or something. =P
Bribe you?

Hrmmmmm.... Ice cream, pistacho pistacho, rocky road and white cookies and cream?
Haiz... no money to buy. =P

you are such a greedy pig! hahahahaha
but you look skinny so it's ok
i gotta go do some cardio REAL soon
Haha.... ermmmmm but the ice cream isn't for me.
-blinks innocently- =)
It's to bribe you what haha.....
Anyway I look skinny meh? =(
Bamboo stick
-grumble grumble grumble-
hahaha you really look like bamboo stick? post some more pictures online so i can take a better look!
Wait people see already then I GONE case...
Let's just say I'm as skinny as a..... as a......
Can't think of anything.
Never mindz.

Don't have no digi cams la.
MY friend always SO busy anyway. But will try posting one up la. Have a pot luck with my good friends =)
hahaha i take one for you lor haha