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Video Memories

How fast time flies ..
so fast that one can never remember all the has happened in a single day

Who is the one that has once walked with you through a lonely path?
And who is the one that brought you out of the maze?

Watched some old video tapes of myself and my friends years ago
Amazing how i can't remember some of the stuff

Saw flashypink, abumi, [Bad username: <lj] and kenichi are in most of the tapes; and there were renton, piggywiggy playing with specky; poison1229 in her pre-stewardess days; tsw when he looks like goodie boy two shoes; and even jc frens like thamps and sharonchen at my birthday parties.

Not to mention that fact that i can't even BARE to look at myself in the TV at that fat big gorge of lard and dirt rolled into a curly hairball. Not that i am very good looking now.

Where are they now? They are all not around...
All left as memories.
The promises.... we will know when we are getting breathless.
The ones that will stay beside you .. and the ones that will leave you
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