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How fast time flies ..
so fast that one can never remember all the has happened in a single day

Who is the one that has once walked with you through a lonely path?
And who is the one that brought you out of the maze?

Watched some old video tapes of myself and my friends years ago
Amazing how i can't remember some of the stuff

Saw flashypink, abumi, [Bad username: <lj] and kenichi are in most of the tapes; and there were renton, piggywiggy playing with specky; poison1229 in her pre-stewardess days; tsw when he looks like goodie boy two shoes; and even jc frens like thamps and sharonchen at my birthday parties.

Not to mention that fact that i can't even BARE to look at myself in the TV at that fat big gorge of lard and dirt rolled into a curly hairball. Not that i am very good looking now.

Where are they now? They are all not around...
All left as memories.
The promises.... we will know when we are getting breathless.
The ones that will stay beside you .. and the ones that will leave you
i'm still here...... Charmy is still here, erm.. Bu bu is still here.......
the paths we are all walking are different ... aint we?
I'm new, but I'll be here too..if you dun mind LOL..
Honto ? =P
well, that's life. It keeps changing... =) Always be happy with what we have now... =)
easily said lor... if one is always happy if wat he or she has at the present
there will be WORLD PEACE
very you lor... ms congeniality ?
I would really like to see those videos ....feels like a lifetime ago
you looked hunkier and ian looks so much more boy boy... now he looks like hell of a hunk! hahaha the videos are amazing... with specky, eric kuah, kelvin whom we hardly see now
shld transfer it to vcd
when you come back lar!
Boo Hoo hoo...just reading and interrupting your special moment ;P
(esp when I'm having my reservist and meeting all my ah peh friends).

Wasn't it a watch advertisement that said,"
BU Zai hu tian chang di jiu,
Zhi zai hu cheng jing yong you,"
(A little frivalous right?, quoting from watch advert, but you get the point.)

Are we going to be friends forever? Asked Piglet.
Even longer, Pooh answered.
--A. A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh

Everyone calls himself a friend,
but only a fool relies on it:
nothing is commoner than the name,
nothing rarer than the thing.
--Jean de La Fontaine

Two may talk together under the same roof for many years, yet never really meet;
and two others at first speech are old friends.
--Mary Catherwood

And now we return you to your regular-scheduled programme...

regular scheduled programme? .....
you having reservist now ah? must be feeling nostalgic too eh ? haha

yeah i rem the soviet titus watch endorsed by chow yun fat and what's her name...
which might be true.. as human beings tend to be short sighted..
to live for the moment .. to die for the moment

"drink wine, for this is life eternal... it is a gift for you.
It is a season for wine, roses and drunken friends.
Be happy for this moment

maybe so...
let's get drinking this weekend!
awwwww... gettin nostalgic again eh? lol aite *group hug*... oh yeah pucker up... you get a smoochie fer sayin i'm a hunk... lol.. yeah i'm cheap >=)
cos cowie said you look like a hunk complete with washboard abs what... no like b4... haha
so when am i gonna get my REAL smoochies? virtual kisses are no longer exciting
I'm here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*jumps up and down waving madly at Yeepin*

Listening to wo yuan yi now...
its super feeling loh.
I Love you

"...will love you until the day i stop breathing..."
will remember that longer than forever too.
Still waiting for december 6 to come so i can meet you again!
love you too mimi
so many things to tell you!
There you go.. a deserving title. =)
=) miss all my old frens who are so dear.... not popular lar. haha thanks anyway
oiii binnny...we are still here & only a phone call away.aniwae, haven been logg on tis daes cos many many OTs to do and deadbeat by the time rch home.so just saw ur LJ.take care alrite & mit up agn after my exams (last paper 26Nov).
hmmm later i am going to take my last paper! wish my lotsa luck... didnt study REALLY hard..
but well.... come over and see the videos got your birthday party too