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Just finished my 2nd paper today - Accounting for Measurement and Disclosure. Such a crappy paper, all that i have studied was practically useless! I just copied from the SAS and imagine an accounting paper with no calculations! Really cannot imagine what will i be doing 3 to 4 years down the road from now.... shagging in the office till 2 am and wake up the next day at 7 am? Ooooohhhh

Went to visit ah kai just now, my officer cousin. He's really crazy, saying he wants to sign on for the rest of his life... "you understand? It's my duty"
I was like " wow " ... people do change dun they ? He used to be in his own fantasy world of ancient maidens and costumes of various dynasty... now? Maybe he likes big canons on the big war ships.. or maybe enjoys the company of sailors? hahaha

And whoever knows Jeanie aka Joe, the poor thing is admitted into hospital from suspected stomach ulcer. Went down to TTS hospital to visit her... Hope it's nothing serious.

Another open book exam tomorrow morning.... just wanna relieve some stress on the net....
But... in the first place.... i dun think i am that stressed
Plain lazy
ooooi...so weird lah u.. added me and then removed....made me confused as i didnt know if i should add or shouldnt....anyway good luck for your exams... and err jaer.... errr .. what u mean he needs a lot of loving?....i think i need more mua hahaha
heh heh so sorry cos i thought you do not want me to add you so i removed lor haha misunderstanding i think....
you need lotsa loving ? hmmmmm ok..... tell me your dream man maybe i can look ard for ya..
never help me.. heh
anyways..all the best..the end is in sight..so keep it up! :)
help you already what... just that you dun want... so fussy .... hahahahaha
Hmmm... think he means I'm someone whom others can love a lot?

Someone can love alot also useless! cos you always never call me only call DUNNO who lor woah!