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Exactly one week ago i left my humble abode to the maharajah's palace to lead an AH SIA's life at cowie's house. Really put on a few kg with good food, first class housekeeping, being driven around in a luxury car.... sigh.... back home again... kinda getting used to my house now that my mum went to vent her anger by rearranging all the furniture in the house....

Celebrated my birthday yesterday at YN. Glad many of my frens showed up, ljiers included cowie, jaer, kevin82 kutabare, weiqiang2206, abumi, cutedwogy, tsw and steven, birthday "boys" jeanie and patrick, poison1229 and bf nic, and nic, jeff, francis, divine black, jacob, kenny, brandon, victoria, ken, paul, alvin tan and those i left out i am so sorry cos i was so drunk that i did not remember how i got back to cowie's place... haha

Took some pics, and went in a batman mask... haha so many people couldnt recognise my suave new face.... suggested that i shouldnt take it out at all.. haha with that mask earned lotsa free drinks and kisses that i cant remember... Took alot of pics, but below are only a few i managed to upload thru cowie's new digi cam.. and some from tim and tsw

The birthday trios, me, pat and "joe"

jaer, me and kevin82

scary jason "cowie" and nic

drunk batman and kutabare

louie, gone batman and i have no idea who is that

tsw, divine tim, can't remember i took this photo batman and i dunno who

others can be seen at my website but still compiling...
Happy Birthday to YOu. Happy Birthday TO YOu. So you are the cutie BATMAN lurking around. Were you at Velvet Underground as well that night? I know the Batman at Velvet kissed me but not the one at WN and I wasn't sure if they were the same. hahaahhaaa. But my Batman at Velvet got hair splewing out of the back of his mask but you seem to have cropped hair at the back ;P

Anyhow, have a FABulous birthday and stay really cute ok. Maybe the next time I bump into you at WN, I'll buy you and your cutie friends a drink. ;P Don't worry...Me no stalker hahahaaha.
Take care and this should be POsting 105. Keep it UP.
Oops...104 actually....but this should make up for it. ;P
Hello thanks very much for the post.... i wasnt at velvet so the batman couldnt have been me.. haha ok ... will wait for your drinks.. but i wouldnt recognise you nor will you recognise me?
I'll flash the Bat Signal and then you come to my rescue ok? So you pay attention to the WN ceiling ok? SmileZ! Anyhow, I will keep a lookout at WN. An outstanding cutie like you should not be hard to find. I will just keep track of you and your friends I guess. Are you a frequent clubber? Take care.
haha i think by the time you flash the bat signal, batman take off liao, he pass the responsibility to robin... haha... see ya ard.