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315am in the morning! Just sneaked down to cowie kitchen and cooked another packet of maggi mee, which totals up to 2 pkts of msg noodles full of sodium and carbo....... Just can't stop eating when i am stressed. no self control at all!
Exams this friday, still figuring what the f*** abt decision tools, linear programming and wah lao multiple regression.

Waiting for the arrival of this saturday, where i will let my botak hair go loose in YN to celebrate my bday which falls on this sunday. Hey frens do come if you are free, no pressies required, just the presence of my beautiful frens, will try to have a lambo with each one of my frens hur hur hur

Now that i have put on dunno how many thousands of calories, think i better not sleep so early. Should go home this Sunday and let my mum see how much weight i have lost instead so maybe her heart will melt and not scold me anymore.....

can't wait can't wait!
everythings ok liao right? hehe, great!!
and u huh..eat eat eat..eat..eat...eat...
yeah lor ... you so bad... bluff us... say going to drink with us never drink now you make your kor jaer so sad... and make me so disappointed.... tsk tsk... must be dating someone else lor!!!