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My life has been stolen from me
My life seems to be unravelling
My life has been instructed according to other people's wishes
My life is at a lost

Thinking that things will be better if i have less hair
But when you like oranges how can you force yourself to like apples?
Because of your preferences
You will be discriminated ?
Life is so unfair
Whisky doesn't help

There is no drive in my life
yet i know i can't die
though i used to think that i live for my mother
but now that she thinks i am dead
is there anything more i look forward to ?

My dear friends
life is full of ups and downs
I hate being depressed and getting people depressed as well
Life is beautiful
and with friends life is worth living

There are lotsa hurdles in life
And there are big ones ahead of me
I hope i dun trip and fall
for if i do i do not know i will ever get up

"God grant me SERENITY to accept the things i can't change, COURAGE to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference..."

I want to stop studying and do something i want to do.
I want to be a musician
God bless Me
I don't know you,but I can identify with some parts of what you wrote. Here's something I wrote a while back..

A gush of cold night air
Stirs me from within
To think of who i am
What I've done, where I've been

But the ride back seems so long
Is that where I wanna be?
But then how can I know
When the uncertainty's in me

A little girl in a perfect world
What's she got to fear
But perfect is as perfect does
How will she turn out?

Things aren't as they seem
How will she know what she wants?
But how can she tell?
When all she knows is what she's been told

It's a whole life story
Can you read between the lines
It's that little girl in that perfect world
They all thought she'd turn out just fine

There's just one chance given
You gotta make your choices right
Coz through the clouds of rain and the knives of pain
You gotta walk toward the light

You walk back along the road home
You think you're alone
Angry tears fall
You think you've been through it all
You've got no one but yourself
But from the shadows
There is someone watching there
He is there to hold you
He believes in you
He is somebody who cares...
hi there, that is damn nice.. I like it... i can tell how you feel thru those lines....
do not know whether people stay alive for one another, and is life that trivial ? or more to it?
rediscover ourselves.... our interests have to be discovered and realised, not to be instructed and told by people all our lives.
cheers ,Ben