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When you do something to your image
Your life changes to what your image portrays to be
Think it's time to be a punk
Since the situation i am in is so supportive of me

Punk Hair

Punk hair number 2

Punk wannabe
Wow~! I've always wanted a dog, especially a siberian husky with one green and one blue eye. Don't be surprised, such a dog exists though it'll be fairly more expensive than the normal huskies.

Sigh... unfortunately, me comes from a family of asthmatics. Poor me...
haha next time i post my dogs pic.. missed him so much.. his eyes are blue... but not one green one blue...
" i cant remember if they're green or they are blue!. .... " your song...
feeling christian ? haha
aiyah mext time move out lor..... unless you are asthmatic too ?
Ya, am mildly asthmatic.



huh ? you are asthmatic and you drink so much? you better dun drink so much lor! this sat i will buy you orange juice
dun be notti..
ok e33 will do
wah? asthmatic?? me toooo! runz in the "family" ah..
nevermind, dun care, die die loh? HoR? hahahha if you get a husky must show me!!
So not gonna happen.

i buy one for your birthday or when you move out with your lover next time lor
you got asthma too ? my god.... do take care.... i have childhood asthma too. dunno how did i manage to get into the PTI course!! HUR HUR HUR