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When you do something to your image
Your life changes to what your image portrays to be
Think it's time to be a punk
Since the situation i am in is so supportive of me

Punk Hair

Punk hair number 2

Punk wannabe
hang in there man... why you dun wanna look up when the photo was taken? wanna see how it looks from the front...
haha ok will do.... will post one up.. but actually it looks pretty normal from the front.. just the usual yandao face...
haha now cramming up for the blood exams.... sigh sw, life's so sian
"just the usual yandao face..."
haha.... u crack me up.... hahahaha..........
I LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!
hahahahahaha........ sounding hysterical like ms. koh here
haha in a bad mood lar.... just feel like humourin myself up i suppose... haha
i know i not yandao i noe... but if i think i am ugly i think it will be worse lor
anyway ajs are fun to hang out with wat... HAHAHAHA
i neber say u not yandao!!!!!
must be lor.. if not why are you laughing...
sigh ...... people not as yd as you mah
why sigh ? alot of people says you are good looking in this tsw pic leh ! hahaha they want me to intro you leh... but dun think you will be interested lor! hahahaha
*raise hands* yahh
but Mister OnG is YD and cute tooo!!!
why do you keep calling me Mr ong ? i am very ugly just looked at myself in the mirror
i look lifeless and dead
i have no drive in life
i am disowned.....
YahhhH! I want to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
what do you want to see??? hmmmmmm