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When you do something to your image
Your life changes to what your image portrays to be
Think it's time to be a punk
Since the situation i am in is so supportive of me

Punk Hair

Punk hair number 2

Punk wannabe
wat made u so angry..
I wouldn't say angry
but sad at the same time
frustrated at the same time
helpless at the same time
Is that your place and your dog in the picture?

Next time must invite me over okay~!
haha that is not my house lar... it's my fren's place.. got three dogs at his condo damn cute.. hee hee used to have a siberian husky at home but i gave it away... ;(
Wow~! I've always wanted a dog, especially a siberian husky with one green and one blue eye. Don't be surprised, such a dog exists though it'll be fairly more expensive than the normal huskies.

Sigh... unfortunately, me comes from a family of asthmatics. Poor me...
Did simething Atrociously devastating happen to u ????
why the sudden change??!?!?!?
is it some kind of revolution against the government?
or r u in support of some kinda terror shit
hahahahahahaahahaha but i like
actually ah pp, i like this hair very much.. but when you come back you wun see my hair in its glorious state anymore cos my mum hates this hair and she says that if i dun get the hair into a decent state i am not allowed to go home....
sigh .. i miss you
oh and yes, this hair is an act of going against
1) the terrorist attacks
2) the turning of becoming a full blown butterfly with no freedom at all.
Life sux
u never fail to amaze me.
dunno whats happening to people lately
My fren Joe has just skinheaded his head recently....and he never fail to attract police attention as well
i have also cut my hair in a Jap salon
u shld try going to a Jap salon over here when u come over man
for $25
u get:
authentic jude babes from Japan (ooooo)
good massages
superb service where everyone just treat u really like a Customer
lots of great hairstyles to choose from a wide variety of magazines
and there is even a student discount

in singapore, for $25 u get:
IF lucky: not too bad hairstylists
not too bad massage
not too bad service
not too bad haircut

if u r not so lucky, i guess u get :
nothing would come as great after that

ohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeepin!!!!!!!!!!!
wat happened???????
oh i knew somethign was wrong when u msged me last night!
its a very radical hairstyle!!!!!!
very happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha you are always so hysterical lor.... too bad you wun be seeing the life one hor? maybe next time i cut again woo hoooooo now... sigh.....
but now since you noe the situation i also got no choice.... wat to do?
hang in there man... why you dun wanna look up when the photo was taken? wanna see how it looks from the front...
YUBIN!!! wat happen to you?? ni shou le shen me ta ji??
*jaws drop*
just check my LJ and saw the shocking photos...wow...damn bloody punk
my life is unravelling
Mr Yandao....

that hairstyle is SUPER DUPER HAPPENING!!!!!!!!! Your mum's reaction is expected but bear with it cuz I guess such a hairstyle can only be once in a lifetime!!! Especially since next time when you go out to work and you are expected to be prim and proper! But it is really DAMN HAPPENING!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL DONE!!! SO PROUD OF YOU!!

sigh... i cut my hair liao.... luckily i took this pic as a remembrance..... oh aully i miss you!