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Finally Finally gathered courage to join the body combat class
50 people packed into one studio
The amount of sweat ( ok it's perspiration )
The action, the kicks, the punches, the upper cuts

They were so difficult to follow because the instructor was so fast
and i felt like i was in mortal kombat
It's quite embarrasing when every seems so good at it and i seem to be the only young boy there trying to look tough and fight

After 40 mins, I really am tired to punching.. SHAG me out baby!

And marklo2804 just left for aussie again to study.. gonna miss ya... the endless bottles of beer we had at beer garden..
he come back already ah?
didn't know that...
yeah he left on monday afternoon sg time... so shld be there liao lor... anyway will be getting the tix this week.. just called sistic and checked.. still got quite some tix for 80 and 120 range.. but the 40 and 60 tix sold out liaoz... hee hee