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This is the day that the Lord hath made.
It's a happy day where flowers bloom, and lovers meet.
A time for smelling roses and a time to kiss a tender lip.

It's a day to fall in Love.
wow, found a nice stead ah ? hehe, take care
haha is that pic you ? looks very nice... thought who was it in the first place.....
hee so who's the lucky guy?
I just mentioned it's a nice day to fall in love... haha you people are .... hmmmm... so sensitive
hahahah ey yubin....i can feel the sweetness oozing out in the journal u posted....ahahhhHH.....mushy mushy
I hath said...
It's a nice day to Fall in love....
I believe in Truth beauty freedom and above all things
LOVE.... haha
goodness....only you would quote MR on that man....anyway happy for you....and i think cowie's evil.....www.dictionary.com? heheh....
i am not like you so lovey dovey for so long ... hahaha
anyway i am saying this for the LAST time! I did not mention anything about having a lover what. i just said it's a nice day to fall in love... one of those days you wake up and feel like smelling the roses.. thanks for being kind anyway... jiawei just called and bitched me to the max! see ya when you get back!
yeah lah! very funny meh! all of you so kaypo haha i did not even mention anything hor renton ? hahahaha
hahaha quite funny to think abt it!
31 posts to this thread...my goodness a little bit of happiness goes a long way...hurhurhur. Oh well, let's try to hit 50...
well i want to thank all my supporters for giving me such immense support on my love life when there isnt any declaration done by the principal at all in the first place! haha.... thank you anyway! =)
Maybe this is a plan for little yubin to make us reply so the 33 replies makes him loved eh? HEH HEH.....GOOD ONE BOY....ahem....SO....who's is it??!! (whistle whistle)
PLAN? haha no actually lar... never thought that there will be such a great response seriously... haha i am surprised myself.. just happy to know that there ARE people who care.... or just being Kaypo.. hahahaha as for who is it... hmmm nothing is confirmed!
kinda amzed that so many of your posts have a high number of replies....anyway really curious...are u attached or are u still available?.... ;)
amzed that many of my posts have high no. of replies? haha cos i got many caring frens... haha maybe kaypo also lar.... at the point of posting the msg, i was just beginning to date someone... anyway, i have added you to my list, seeing that we have lotsa mutual frens... hope to see interesting lj posts from your side...