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The drive... past midnight... through cemeteries and lonely highways
The search of the house I have always wanted to see.. The place where the little girl died
With a red power maglite
and 3 other hunters jaer, tim and spencer

Our search for the house took almost two hours
Went to another wrong house which we mistaken... up slippery slopes and past a field full of mimosas.

The house, you can't see it from the locked gate. There are fallen trees on the long driveway up to the house. Vandalisms on the walls.
Garbages of rubbish on the way up... Isn't it deserted?

The 4 of us walked up slowly... The heartbeat increasing faster than i thought
Finally, we reached the house.
Fantastic house. Not completed. Yet, if completed, it will be a product of amazing architechture. It's so beautiful.
The staircase.. There's something about it. We looked up from the first floor up to the second floor. The deep hole where the girl had died.
I can feel sadness. Tears.

jaer pulled tim out of the house suddenly and me and spencer had no choice but to follow them down. Just walking out of the house, i felt so weird. I have never felt anything about a haunted house before. Suddenly, spencer held my hand tight, so tight that i knew something was wrong. Without saying anything, i dare not turn back. I kept walking. The beads of perspiration was continuous until my whole face was white and drenched.

I think i looked funny when we were outside the gate.
"you ok ? "

I have the urge to go back, yet i knew i shouldn't.
Jaer had a urge to go up the staircase, similarly for Spencer, but that's the reason Jaer forced himself to turn back.
But there was something more.
Spencer heard a girl calling... "bin"
and maybe more things.... but he wouldnt tell.

" The architechture is amazing.. Would be nice to live here"

Was it something i said?

First time i felt sadness in hauntings. Never felt so bloody terrified too.

This house. Really. amazing.
*charmy's hair stands*
baby.. it's really very spooky.. i bring you there in december ok
NoooooooooooooooooOOOOO!!!!! please dont do this to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we go with abumi and gang .. make it at least 10 people then not scary liao lor.. it's really very beautiful
the architecture.. you can't believe it lor... spectacular
is this "the return to the haunted house"??
or the same one you'd posted before??
no this is not the one that i posted earlier,. this is a new place... it's new bukit gombak.. you want to go next time?
yes i know where hillview is! there's a v.gd indian curry fish head restaurant called kanu or kali or ka-something... my encik gave me an ORD treat there... you all go in the day or night? haha... dun mind checking it out!
haha they said hillview is spooky even in the day
we will be going at night fo course!
so you finally went :)
Yeah i finally went but didnt get to explore the basement .... can we go again once you come back ?? puleassee??
go with me very scary meh... :\
take care, dun tink so much loh, we'll be backkkk

not exactly... but would love to go there again.. want?
Not so soon can?

* shiver *
haha ok... definitely not these weeks.. maybe in nov or dec... where i will be damn eng eng ceng ceng
haha your narration sounds like something out of "singapore's scariest ghost stories"...
it's really written on a true account ok?? dun believe you can go and ask the rest! wah lan i must bring yor go......
yah i dun doubt you... it's just your style of writing... :-)
can i audition to be an author now? haha hope you are having fun over at SF
yeepin!!!its so scary!!!y u go to these places.....aiyaaa.....just went thru ur comments and...err-ermmm...u can leave me on these kind of expedition...hehe...abit paraniod abt such stuff now. anyway...lilan at least u r not alone in the car now should they decided to abandon us and go explore the hill view again...hahahha
aiyoh you very lyp leh. go lar... it's nothing. Not about putting such things to a test... at least go there and see the scene from the hill top! amazing!
Was there this late afternoon when I was nearby. Indeed, a very interesting... or should I be saying adventurous place to be at. Wanted to enter, thinking that it would be alright during day time. However was dissuaded by Shaowen. He mentioned that the day time is even more haunted. So decided not to go. Maybe next time....
you are qf rite? anyway, this place is beautiful lor.... hmmm depends on how you look at it... didnt know you were into this kinda things as well...
hahahaha ok ...... let me know when you want to go..... maybe i can be your tour guide, been two times liao hahahaha