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Was updating my lj half way then the bloody computer crashed.. and i have to use my bro's pc instead. bloody hell...
Maybe i am not fated to write this journal in time.

Finished all my projects in time. Had a very stressed week. I know what i said last week, but rules are meant to be broken rite? haha anyway, yesterday played mahjong which i won a little money.. hehe then frens who were at YN were asking me why this week never go and punch card... haha fucking bitches. Decided to go down... and reached the world of the underground at 2am.

Drove down... Rule NOT to be broken always... DUN DRINK WHILE DRIVING.
So i had to see all those people around me... was interesting... it's like the first time i am SO sane that i seem not to fit into the crowd. People crying, laughing.. all kinds of emotions... it's weird.. but life's so sad.. to drink your sorrows away. Maybe the old chinese saying IS right.. at least for the night.

Not drinking, WAS driving = chauffeur for the night
Had prata with jaer, tim, sas, spencer, terrence and the rest. They are so funny. After which on my way sending those creatures of the underworld back made my day.
Playing "phantom of the opera" in the car... with diva jaer trying very hard to reach Sarah Brightman's incredibly high vocals... which he ended up screeching all the way... whoever can do that tell me so, cos i will treat him the very potent waterfall.

Went to the pet farm today with nic and tim. Shit gotta get a nice dog soon, and yes, with a lover, a nice porch and a shiok shiok car.

Tomorrow's toto day
Hey, it was fun wasn't it? =P
FUN?? haha it's not only FUN .. it's MEMORABLE!
spencer huh? hmmmm sigh there a dude in singapore with that name too? i'm soooo ssaddd
yeah my fren's called spencer... why... over SF got someone of the same name you know? haha hmmm
i said went to eat prata with you last wk remember? then my fren mentioned that he got a fren called spencer in U.S too...