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In the peaceful town of Kluang you rest, a face I no longer recognise.
I have always been frightened of you, how you smeared saliva below my nose.
You were dead ever since I was eight, twenty years have passed and now I have to kill you again.

You lay behind the altar, I see your portrait, but it's nothing more than a stranger.
This stranger I used to pray who will repeal.
And change you did not, and it crunched my heart into two.

I kneeled and prayed to the background of Taoist chantings.
Rantings, rantings, rantings.
But I said, I do, I do, I do.
The tears I shed were stolen from a crocodile.
You made your bed and I am glad you looked peaceful.

So stranger, stranger, I am finally through.
If I murdered a man, now I have slaughtered two.

"Someone has to die in order that the rest of us should value life more" - Virginia Woolf
one can only imagine the mixed feelings you felt... hugs...
great willows wake to Autumn's breeze,
they bend to quiet songs, unseen -
whence rain may fall, in pall and tumbles
of virgin tears, of sinless murder;
know this of Summer, my nightless brother,
none can blame your passion's slumber.

...hugs..and love.
Thanks Mr. brown. It's beautiful :)
petals descend from a jar
but only the jar I can see that is not afar
hand prints mar its gleaming surface
hand prints imprinted so vividly akin battle scars borne in fight
I wish I could see what was actually and not just maybe...could be
of what past is now present and will continue to be
lapsing in and out of a poetic phrase
I struggle to make sense of this copious babbling
all i want to say my friend
is to sit still and be still, wear this well... as a lesson...as a badge
of what was necessary and what was sad
believe we all will share the same destiny of losing one's originators and feeling bad
only the emotions matter regardless good or bad...hold strong my friend, enough said