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Road: a strip of ground over which one walks. A route differs from a road not only because it is solely intended for vehicles, but also because it is merely a line that connects one point with another. A route has no meaning in itself; its meaning derives entirely from two points that it connects. A road is a tribute to space. Every stretch of road has meaning in itself and invites us to stop. A route is the triumphant devaluation of space, which thanks to it has been reduced to a mere obstacle to human movement and a waste of time.

Before roads and paths disappeared from the landscape, they had disappeared from the human soul: man stopped wanting to walk, to walk on his own feet and to enjoy it. What's more, he no longer saw his own life as a road, but as a route: a line that led from one point to another, from the rank of captain to the rank of general, from the role of wife to the role of widow. Time became a mere obstacle of life, an obstacle that had to be overcome by even greater speed.
ey yubin....where did you copy this from? waaa.......can't be from u rt!!?? hee hee
still in the office now...so pop by to take a look at my dear fren's input....
= )
ey...binny...how does this post comment works?? this is my 2nd attempt.......(irritated)
btw, the road article did you copy from somewhere??hee hee....hahahah
still in office now....popping by to take a look at ur journal,...hmm..keep it up..can be more explicit in describing ur daily life....kekeke...since cun meet u up often so have to know in more detail wat my dear fren is doing...
hope it works this time round...else...IM NOT GOING TO POST ANY MORE COMMENTS!!! hahaha
take care and God Bless
Dear Abu,
its from the Book by Milan Kundera " IMMORTALITY " remember?