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When you say nothing at all

Deleting journal accounts used to be in vogue. Some users do so to prevent themselves from being reminded of a painful (or embarrassing) past. Some choose to close their journals to open a new one as part of a rebranding exercise. No longer feeling the need to click on the "delete journal" button, I am now in a new phase. The dry phase.

Wondering why I can't seem to pen down my thoughts anymore, I take a quick trip down memory lane and realise that they can be grouped in the following categories.

1. Shameless rambling about one's daily activities and feelings written with bad style (Does anyone care?)

2. Public display of affections and obsessions (Dogs, Cow and BOP Nicole Kidman)

3. Personal attacks on people who don't have an account

4. Photos, Photos, Photos (The more scandalous, the more comment worthy)

5. Resolutions (that never came true)

6. Movie reviews

7. Quotes, quotes and more quotes (What you can't create, you borrow)

8. Advertising platforms

9. And rarely, political statements (I don't believe in the democratic nor the republican, I just believe in parties)

My mom says that if you've got nothing better to say, don't say. "No one will think you are dumb if you keep your mouth shut."

Who cares what mommy says, it's time to start writing :)

Few years down the road I need this journal to remind myself what the hell I was doing.
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