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Afraid To Change

Disney has been accused, for quite some time, of putting subliminal messages or images in their cartoons.

In Aladdin, Aladdin tells Princess Jasmine's Tiger "Good teenagers take off their clothers".
In Lion King, there is a scene when the word Sex appears in the form of Clouds.
In Little Mermaid, the minister in the Wedding scene is apparently having a hard-on.

And more recently...

someone circled out in Little Mermaid's poster above that there is a dick

It doesn't bother me the least really. Give Disney a break.
Why didn't anyone credit Disney for twisting Hans Christian's original tragic ending to a contemporary happy one. In my interpretation, Merpeople is obviously a symbol of the (gay) minority in our contemporary world. It is no wonder then that so many of my gay friends relate to me (in private) that they relate to the character of Ariel. She represents a successful change from a depressed mermaid to a happy girl with legs to marry her true love.

Sexual/gender changes aside, The Little Mermaid calls for the need of a mentality to choose who you want to be, even when it seems that change is impossible.

No wonder "Part of your world" still ranks as one of my favourite songs of all time.
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