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Having laid off the gym for almost 5 months now, I am beginning to feel the slowing metabolic rate of someone reaching his thirties soon.

Ok, so Cali or Planet? I can't decide.
(Deleted comment)
get me the cheap deal!
cali!!!!! =p
so many cali supporters? which branch you gym at?
once u join, u can use all the 4 branches here, orchard, raffles, novena, bugis (rumour say 1 new one soon at tampines..) and even the cali overseas like bkk, taipei, HK, KL...

i usually gym at orchard or bugis.. but also depends on the class i go.. =)
not that i go overseas very often leh. haha very tempting .. will go down soon to check out =)

Thirties soon? Really?
yeah lor. i am past mid twenties liao its sad.

u good lar still so young =P
u're 2 years behind me lor. u still have a good 3 years. i'm left with 1 and a half. bleah.
oopss! this entry you shouldnt read too much into it ok
Don't join cali! The gym equipment sucks!
I use for 6 years already, still cannot see my abs! ;P
you don't know how to use the equipment ... don't blame the gym
then obviously you're not making all the right moves in yoga class as well. ;P
(at least you can still blame the instructors.)
see! perfect example!
I think the gym equipment in YOUR gym is working well and beyond expectations.
but you are a lifetime member there... that means.... ..... ....
.....that means
you'll have a lifetime bitching buddy at the gym,
and we can go around bitching at all the other people using the damaged machines. ;)
(I mean, do you ACTUALLY go to a gym to workout???)
i suspect you go to cali for other reasons...... :P
no wonder you're Mr Popular.
(not enough hate mail ah? ;P)
honey, i don't go cali. :)
macbook pro!
hee hee hee hee
thought you said new model coming out ?
Fitness First!
too ex lar! furthermore you not there i go for what =P
Than we can target different market mah..

planet la girl!
dalg also says planet la girl!