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In another hour's time... It will be 1st Oct...
Damn fast, life seems to be faster as you age...

Tomorrow onwards i will be studying hard for my exams, which will start on the 25th Oct, ending on the 6th Nov. kind souls out there pray for me ok ? And those not so kind ones just leave me alone for one month 6 days if you want to go clubbing...

No alcohol ... makes you more forgetful ... and your face sag.

Smoking ... maybe i should stop for awhile too, if it does enhance your intelligence, not that i have none.. just need alot of it.
Got 6 modules this semester, after i am done, wow...

Where-ever, whatever, whenever, forever(only until my next term starts) you wanna jio lets go and shake your bon-bons!

"Xian Ku Hou Tian"
I must I must... ... ...
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