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I have been searching high and low for my beloved belt since two weeks ago.

I do not remember lending it to anyone, nor do I believe anyone could've taken the belt off me while I was drunk ('cos my jeans would drop). It is definitely impossible I took it off to spank anyone, or anyone took it out to leash me (the latter being higher a possibility, but nah). My brother denied borrowing it, nor do I see it being passed out from bengy or man9o as shit. It just disappeared! It just disappeared! It just disappeared!

The belt means alot to me. And hey baby, you'll be remembered for the rest of my life.

Now, time to move on.
it's in a place u least expect it to be, babe. =)

maybe someone else's car?
i will continue my search, but i doubt so =(
1) Weeks, months or years later, it'd magically appear in your possession.

2) One fine day, maybe when you're on the treadmill or walking across the road, you'll suddenly remember where it is or who told the lie of not borrowing it.

Mourn it's temporary death because I'm sure it'll resurrect!
i love your optimism and i always love surprises =)
wait bah... i manage to find my lost sock like 1 month after i thought i lost it.