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In the Year of the Pig, those born in the year of the Monkey will have better luck as compared to the previous year.

Apparantly not. Within the fourth hour of this new year, I slipped and fell down in my living room. Literally "luo di kai hua". If I recall correctly, I then limped up the stairs in my very drunken state [sleep walking] to find my room locked. So basically access was denied to my two poor cocker spaniels, my wallet and my mobile phone.

I hate to whine during the first day of the new year but I have been in pain the whole day. Decided not to go for mahjong - sure lose one. Furthermore did I mention that my elbow is sprained in the process. Tonight can only dance with my right hand and right leg liao.
hilarious! I really laughed out loud!
don't worry, I'm sure some absinthe will make you feel much better!! ;P
alcohol did make it better though hee hee
take care.
So now you're really an ah huay liao lor~ :P

Hope you're feeling better!!
why ah huay?
Because luo di ka hua mah... So ah huay lor :P
rest up babe~!

thanks dear! u in sg?
aiyo hugs!!!
take care..
mustgo temppple and pray pray!!
i also say. my shoe just kenna chewed up. i foresee a very suay year!
ya ya.. esp in the year of monkey!!
you seemed fine. :P
u awake at 5:20? doctor actually ordered me to be in a collar and cuff. but very ugly mah. not nice for image so i have to endure the pain and look painless lor =)
I can lend u cuffs :P
Hope u are alright

Btw, think you might wanna go temple to "bai4 tai4 shui4", if i not wrong, monkey "fan4 tai4 shui4" so you might wanna go just to pray for luck in work and so on.

Remember to "huan1 tai4 shui4" (return) before "dong1 zhi4" or else you will owe the "tai4shui4" for 12 years. It sounds troublesome but well this is chinese tradition.

think i will really visit the temple today =)
hope u can still PLAY... :)
well... i did actually.
but i refrained frm drinking too much... have we met?