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Observing them from my bed, I see bengy chewing intensely on his bone and mango looking back at me waiting for something to happen. To me, Bengy seems to signify the more aggressive cocker spaniel similar to that of an individual – making sure that every conscious moment should be well-spent. Having seen mango through his adolescence, it seems that his passiveness is going to stay. Despite him still shying away from strangers, despite him still submissively peeing at all the wrong spots, despite him leaving all his fur all over my bed so I might wake up one night to cough out a fur ball.

Bengy is still chewing his bone. Mango has given up waiting for something exciting to happen, so he is already in a trance to somewhere more exciting.

And right this very moment I posed myself this question: "Since Mango is giving u so many problems, you should send him off for addoption. Mango could be happier elsewhere."

But this is my family. My children, though one is retarded and the other one is selfish, I've come to the point that I've already loved and accepted my two dogs equally for whoever they are, or will be.
yah .. they become family and departure is made difficult ... even my robovac is family now :)
Agreed, just like my Rascal. Remind me of that day in mid 2005, where i carried him home when he was a little puppy. And he has become a new member to my family.