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Just finished watching a show... calmi appasionito... with my brother and corrine.

Damn Sad, damn romantic.

"Are you a romantic person brother?"

"Yeah.... But I've got no chance..."

I laughed.. cos he is already attached and married for a few years... and no romance... or no chance? Yet, i was taken aback.

"Welcome to the real world" he said again, in a serious tone

I was shocked... yet... I am wondering whether i am really living in my own world of fantasy... Trying to find out the romance amiss in my life.

"isn't there romance in the world?"

"yeah, but not many people will encounter it"

Like what is said in the movie. " In the end, one always end up not together with his true love"

Should i face the reality?

Or should i live by my motto, my belief, that there is love, true love, romance that is worth waiting for. That is worth giving my everything.

Fantasy or reality... Time will tell
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