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Susan: What do you want to eat for lunch?
Me: Oh, the bah kut teh you bought in JB lor [which i am craving for].
S: Why don't you eat the Dua Chai Peng [Big Cabbage Rice] I cooked yesterday?
M: Ok.
S: Do you want to eat beef balls also?
M: No.
S: I am frying some for Yi-ling [my cousin] might as well fry some for you lar.
M: [silence]
S: So do you still want to eat the bah kut teh?
M: Ok.
S: No lar, don't eat the bah kut teh, it doesn't taste good with Dua Chai Peng.
M: Ok.
S: Furthermore there's so much food already.
M: Ok
S: You really want to eat the bah kut teh ah?
M: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the end, I had Dua Chai Peng, Fried Beef Balls, a Fried Egg and a portion of chilli noodles. All of which I did not ask for in the first place.
By the way, Susan is my mother. Not only is she bad for my diet, I just realised she has ADHD.
yoo hoo~~ yubin... i hope this reaches you well! sorry i haven't been in touch. happy new year anyway!!

since you left, my stupid ibook crashed! i don't even know if all my files are still retrievable or not. sigh. a bit depressing. anyway, i'm stopping by singapura this monday at 9.30pm will depart early next morning. do u think they will allow me to come out? i'll be bring your bag of books anyway, so can u please reply this with your phone number so i can call u when i arrive??? okaayyy
will tryu to check my mail before i fly off au revoir!see you kekeke