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Susan: What do you want to eat for lunch?
Me: Oh, the bah kut teh you bought in JB lor [which i am craving for].
S: Why don't you eat the Dua Chai Peng [Big Cabbage Rice] I cooked yesterday?
M: Ok.
S: Do you want to eat beef balls also?
M: No.
S: I am frying some for Yi-ling [my cousin] might as well fry some for you lar.
M: [silence]
S: So do you still want to eat the bah kut teh?
M: Ok.
S: No lar, don't eat the bah kut teh, it doesn't taste good with Dua Chai Peng.
M: Ok.
S: Furthermore there's so much food already.
M: Ok
S: You really want to eat the bah kut teh ah?
M: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the end, I had Dua Chai Peng, Fried Beef Balls, a Fried Egg and a portion of chilli noodles. All of which I did not ask for in the first place.
By the way, Susan is my mother. Not only is she bad for my diet, I just realised she has ADHD.

i assure u it isnt just mimi. it is every mother. well, mine as well. alamak u never say i din noe u at home i couldve popped by for lunch. was in the east side in the morning.
aiyah just call mah. cos you said at night mah. another time lor. kekeke the dogs are not at home in the afternoon today also cos they went for grooming =)