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I looked at the schedule... Wanting to try out the first Body Pump class from Planet Fitness...

1230 - 1315... Body Pump.. Ben... Suntec First Floor... Be Punctual

Left the house at 1200... " shit, i am gonna be late"
rushed like hell... reached City Hall Mrt at 1220... SHIT...ran like mad man.... reached the counter at 1230, changed and reached the studio at 1235...

A lady coach.. that's weird... says body pump by ben outside the studio...

" you need to register for the pilates next time ok ? " a guy outside the studio said.

Ok... Pilates... sounds interesting... so i went inside.. took a mat.. and did the exercises...

Cobra... breathing exercises... The crow position.. weirdest positions i have ever done in my life... Body and legs went all the way over my head.... hands supporting the legs...

After being tortured by almost one hour....the trainer Marie said
"Ok , for the most important posture in YOGA..."

My brain went blank... i have been doing yoga?? I should not be doing this!...... The idea of letting the soul leave the body...
For the last part of the relaxation... i really almost felt it... I was very relaxed.. yet .... it was frightening..

Such a himbo... realised that i was at the ground floor all the time ... not the first floor ( wat's the diff!! )

Such a coincidence... Took yoga by accident.
But the stretching is Amazing
aiyooooooooo u very silly leeeeeh!!!!!!! hahahahahaah cannot believe u did that!!!! hahahah i tot i was the one capable of doing this kind of thing hahaa. anyway hey yeeeepin, can u teach me how to put a littol pic of me on my flashypink icon instead of just flashypink and nothing else. so ugly.
damn spastic right? hahaha i also think so.. haha anyway you need to upload a picture in your "my pictures" link .... then it will automatically be your icon lor... what do you want to put.? if you need help of whatever you just tell me or at most i help you with the uploading.. since i got your pig.. oh i mean your password
aiyoooooo wat pig?!!!!!!! hmmph.... hmmm ok lah i go n pick some nice pigs... oops pics and try doing it myself. if cannot still then i send to u via email loh. hoho.
your picture must be in thumbsize one understand? if not i will upload it to photos.yahoo.com then i upload for you lor,... or i put the pic of you that i have? the fann wong one?
you can do the indian guru w/the feet behind the neck & the hands clasped together??
with abit of pain on my spines and neck..
yeah i can do that....
good right? i am quite flexible one leh! hahaha