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The University of Melbourne is ranked no. 7 in the world according to The Times Higher Educational Supplement.
I am indeed proud. But is it really better than Yale (no. 8) and Princeton (no. 9)?
well maybe it's based on certain courses?
yeah you're right. its based on arts and humanities courses. but its still strange isn't it
hrm well.. it's very hard to judge and determine which university offers the best courses based on their ranking.

very subjective.
stay on and do postgrad!!! bwahahaha
why dont YOU do postgrad? since you are PR cheaper for you also
but i'm already here!!!! you're leaving!!!!!
the way i am torturing myself right now i am so not going to study for a very long long time
ahhh carefree days of academia!!!! LOL
i don't even dare to ask where Penn is. probably number seven hundred and fifty nine.
only the top 100 is listed. and its no. 45.
then again i think its rather crappy