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This is my last semester and I am at my slackest. Already in a holiday mood, I hope I don't sabotage myself by failing this subject and come back next semester.
And why doesn't anyone know how to use bloody Macromedia Director MX?
thank god. phew! i tot i was the only one feeling the holiday mood.
i hate that feeling lor. ur last semester too?
no la, not last semester but my exams are near and just today, i completely felt it was oaky to miss school and stayed home to watch will and grace. my bro-in-law bought me the complete 8 seasons, can't blame me right?
I used before.....but maybe old version....=)
sobz. i am desperate for someone to tutor me or help me do a bit of simple animations!
Haha too bad my version died with my old computer.....I dun have anymore.....else maybe can help.....but I only use simple functions.....zoom in and out....fade in and out....but when used together....can look quite nice.....but very time consuming ..... good luck.
jia you le.
must chiong all the way in ur studies now so u can come back fast =)
air ticket book already lor ...chiong or not still coming back on that day liao lor kekeke
y must u choose so difficult module?!?!?!
Melb the best!! stay!!! hahahahahaha