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Jie Jie jaz_aug was in town yesterday and mentioned that everything happens for a good reason.
Apparantly so. In the midst of my frustration waiting for my roommates to come out from the toilet, I decided not to waste good time and went for a run at the botanical gardens - and received the following goodies!

Only to realise that the wristband has the words "tackling depression together" inscribed on them. How apt.

On a brighter note, my cousin CK sent a very amusing picture he found while browsing thru his old pics.

Heh, I suppose I had it all along since I was a kid.
omg so cute! how come ur eyes grow smaller as you grow older one!?
well u wouldnt wanna know what else is growing instead at an alarming rate
hen er sing!
muhhahaha...sibei cute...wahhaha...
upload your bb pic and show. i wanna see if your eyes were smaller =)
no lei, bigger le...hahaha
nice band!! i want to tackle depression also.. boo hoo...
haha i can pass you if you really want it =)
come to town we go jog on sundays lar. i need a jogging buddy!
omg seriously i've had no motivation watsoever to jog or do any form of exercise. it's BAD!!!!!! where do u jog near your place???
i like at south melby mah. near the acca you noe where? so i run to the botanical gardens lor... have u even BEEN to the botanical gardens? haha
shockingly in all my years here, I've never been there. *blush
yes i am sure. you've only been to the more decadent tourist attractions =P
hedonism is all i have now! joie de vivre!!!!
so ke ai!
xie xie ni !
were u tryin to imitate someone dancing.... hahahahah... =P
maybe i was already listening to handbag hor. heh heh
haha u want more? i found more in my photo album - including one showing us fighting over a milk bottle brush, and me wearing lacy(!) socks.