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Four distant months ago in June, I bought myself two Eric Khoo films (Mee Pok Man, 12 Storeys) with the intention of disliking them. That was an action in response to acclaim from international film critics, in addition to reliable word of mouth: “Mee Pok Man and 12 Storeys are my two favourite Eric Khoo films” [ f_o_c ].

One month after the purchase, I sat down in front of the small screen reluctantly with cowie to experience the made-in-Singapore Mee Pok Man with our not-so-yummy takeaways from the Pine’s café. Like it? I did not. Perhaps it was the still of the blown up vagina juxtaposed with local hawker delights during the opening sequence, which I thought, then, was unnecessary and totally unappetizing. Or it could be the incessant movements from my ADHD partner and the “fat_greedy_pig_of_a_cocker_spaniel” that ceased my patience to watch a mood piece. When the credits started to roll, I was only too glad. In addition, I was too quick to label Mee Pok Man a pretentious art house flick that uses shock tactics like necrophilia to create a splash at the international film circuit.

Despite my inability to relate to his films, I decided that the three full-length feature films Eric Khoo has made could make an interesting case study for my final year research project. Expectedly, Be With Me failed to impress me. Amongst my first viewings of the three films, I thought 12 stor[e]ys was the best, followed by Mee Pok Man. However, having just watched Be With Me under an hour ago for the second time, there were moments I was touched. Moments in the film when I thought were too frugal in dialogue previously have seemed to be appropriated and made succinct to me.

It could be the fact that I was watching Be With Me the first time, alone. Or perhaps it is time to admit that, given the right time, right place and right moment, Eric Khoo does have the talent to instill senses of alienation, loneliness and despair.
i really liked 12 Storeys when I watched it here at MIFF years ago.. even my cinema lecturer thought it was great :) Where did you get Be With Me? I wanna watch!!!
I thought 12 storeys was brilliant and still think its the best amongst his features...

I have the Be with me DVD. can lend you after my research project is done if you want. if not you can come over and watch also =)
Yah yah watch and drink already then go clubbing la! kakakakakakaka
scummy is coming to town tomorrow for one day. u rem him? we can meet up if you are free for dinner =)
aiyah i got my colleague's bday drinks. but lemme know if you're doing anything later at night!
Didn't fancy Be with me at all.... it was just weird that the school girl commited suicide onto the unsuspecting man below....totally random...... thought it was rather entertaining by being lame in that sense...on another level, it might be his translation of his own dark humour....

Ps: All is well?
all is good except for the many assignments that are due in a month's time.
my last semester! cant wait for all these to be over! keke

hope you are good too?

p.s. didnt fancy be with me 2... but it does have its moments
You sound like u are doing a lot of film watching? Are u doing majors in films? I did some little modules when I was in Uni last time haha :P Both chinese and so call American films

I think Hou Hsiao Hsien's movies are very good at displaying alienation, loneliness and despair (esp his series of movies City of sadness trilogy, cannot remember the 2 other films) though his theme plays more on nostalgia. I seldom watch Singapore production so cannot comment on those 2 u watch :P
i am majoring in media and communications... and i am doing a thesis about independent films in Singapore and its political implications.
but yes, i've heard alot about hou hsiao hsien.,....
oh film industry in singapore still a bit infant leh, plus censorship and so on... how to have soo much political implications..

H^3 is nice... But I still like Wong Kar Wei... ChungKing express
ah thats why you need to watch his films. very political. subtle kind though.
his is who???

wahhaa well def not singapore though
HAHA actually i am talking about eric khoo. he's the most famous filmmaker in singapore. not easy to watch, his films. but upon repeated studying of them, i find that thare are many implied meanings that are rather powerful, at least to me
well at least to me, film is just coming up with interpretations which can be justified by all the misc-enscene and so on. There is no right and wrong. Just prob "He who crap the best wins the best crap" haha

And I think film tutors are rather open to ideas as long as it is justified and well u noe haha
then again, its the same with any argument and any form of media.
all ideas are then valid.