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I tortured myself on the cross trainer today for 50 minutes for having too many glasses of wine to drink the previous night.
And I was exhausted. I really was. But deep down inside, I was desperate to sin again.
Despite having no prior knowledge of its exact location, my instincts drove my already very wobbly limbs right to the junction of Spencer and Colins Street...

Queued for 30 minutes to purchase two dozens of this...

At 250 calories a piece (at least), I am going to kill myself off at the treadmill tomorrow.
Yup, a little bit of heaven!
and a whole lot of hell?
Please help me eat some hor. buy for 88/88 household one.
i want!
come and get it girl
Ya know what they say, share your food cause it's half the calories.

I'm willing to sacrifice!!!

But seriously, I love me some doughnuts too.
You fly down here i will buy you many dozens of your choice =)
and of course i will share with you and we can dance it off after that
shit its open how come i don't know ahhhhhh i want there goes the plan for a diet
its ok lar. i m sure yusuke like you the way you are now...

you want some? i can leave some for you bambi and yuki ... keke
Aaah Krispyy Kremmmme.

I hate you. :'(
well think of the extra fats you could've gained if they opened one while you were still here in melby =)
what? no original glazed???
i think he chose non glazed ones. :)
half-A dozen!

when it first opened its doors in some ulu place in melbournie then, me and my housemates drove in the weeee hours to get those half-a-tarzans. The melbournies are crazy lor. we stepped foot into Mcdonalds to pick up some cuppa afterwards, and the ang mos worshipped us. We couldn't have felt better. Some recognition alas! hahaha!

One of the gerls exclaimed "Gimme one gimme!" And some girl tried to pick us up lor. :S

hilarious. :)

half A-dozen? keke
well, a girl on the tram was indeed ooogggling over my donuts.
isnt it funny these donuts are a girl's thingy?
no boys worshipping me though =(
Its all for yourself?
well, i already had 7 so far for myself. i am sooooo fat!
can u queue for me? i go sydney one, but close liao!!!!

MUACKS! seeya on sunday!

hee yes of course. will go buy some for the party!!

y singapore dun have

franchise ideas eh? open one and u will be rich!
i just a sugar donut this morn. NOT ENUFF!!! i miss Dunkin Donuts....
trust me, once you've tried krispy kreme, you wouldnt wanna try any other f'in donuts.
i dun even LIKE donuts in the first place but these fatty doughs are indeed killers!
honey, you can eat as much as you like and you'll still have more definition than any of us lor ;)
this is so not true. u've never seen the desperate side of me when i am behind the curtains painfully dieting and exercising. i gained 3 kgs since i came here lor