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As I took out another empty [absolut] vodka bottle to throw my cigarette butts, I realised it only took my housemate and me 1 month to fill the old bottle up with fags. Some people may find it disconcerting in response to the above picture: how many damn cancer sticks are you poking into your mouth a day? However, I find it more perturbing that I regard the combination of marlboros and capris in an absolut bottle aesthetically more superior than its sterile counterpart.

"The eye is the window to the soul... Now do you not see that the eye embraces the beauty of the whole world?"

My vision is skewed and my life is screwed.
the picture looks nice. but i'm not sure about the smell when i remove the cap of that bottle. hehe.
one of my friends had a plastic bottle full of ciggie butts explode in his face in his car when he opened it... apparently the tabacco ferments and releases gas... hur hur...
this is an expensive glass bottle lor. wun explode one
it smells heavenly =)
and your lungs are sooty black.

but my heart is still perky and red =O)



New ad for Absolut campaign:

Absolut Cancer.

i also say. why no one campaign against drinking? haha
all my 15 absolut bottles are filled with water and freezing in my fridge.
u use them as water bottles? a bit too heavy wor?
well, they look pretty, and i got almost all the different "absoluts"
i always feel plastic bottles get a bit "slimey" after a while , and isnt there a health warning thingy against plastic bottles a while ago?
lol... in my defence, there aren't that many capris in there :P
still, this is image a comic-tragedy of our lives :D
well. someone should count the capris inside your waste paper basket then =P
hehehehehehe i agree and i am still waiting for my promised packet of capris -_-....... er hem * cough* * cough*... nice image for a non smoking ad.. something thats read ... your lungs look like that shit .. DIE DIE!!!
two of your favourite things...nice photo though
you should try smoking with the tar filter and see how much tar there is in a stick of ciggy.. maybe you'll think twice abt putting that stick to your mouth hahah.
U know I've went cold turkey on cigarettes for 3 weeks already. I finally did it! (Hopefully I don't fall back)