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A friend, Sharon, bought 'wish' bands that comes in different colours during her business trip in Brazil.
This is how the wish thingy works: for every knot you tie using the band, you get to make a wish.
And the condition for the wish to come true?
You've gotta keep the 'wish' band on the wrist until it falls off naturally, or in other terms through wear and tear.
And then I realise that all wishes come with a heavy price tag.
This seemingly no-frills charm is causing me great distress, in places like the gym.
It just looks absolutely wrong with my gym attire, and everything else that you wear.
If the wish doesn't come true (and the band doesn't fall) I must admit that this is a pretty good joke.
Mmmm... maybe you don't tie the knots so tight... Heh. That or you buy lime green gym shorts, I guess...
Well, the ties were knotted up by Sharon herself. And lime green shorts are too off.
I am actually thinking of getting a sweat wrist band. maybe one from ythree. keke