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If I am to be at Singapore at this moment, I'd probably be out there drinking with my very fabulous friends, whom I miss muchly.
On a Saturday night like this, in a far off different place down south, my state of mind is, in comparison to my mindset in Singapore, a stark contrast. Despite the scenes from my own Singapore-made film that keeps replaying in my reel mind, I feel neither depressed nor exasperating. My Saturdays, on a particular one like today, has been spent running errands, going to the fresh market at Victoria, shopping at Chapel Street then went home after a fabulous (!) dinner at Pacific Place. Ironing in Singapore seemed like a chore, but while I was ironing the clothes in Melbourne, the latter seemed therapeutic. I miss you guys (you would know who you are). Enjoy your weekend and I am, indeed, enjoying myself as much as I can. And then I shall hit back to the books.

They call it the last burst of fire.
its just fireworks. it's the people i miss =P
but imagine watchin the fireworks with the people u miss... =)

ps: i know u for so long till now still havent met. I'm addicted to smokin now..... =(
but you've seen me in the streets before =P
dun smoke. difficult to quit. tsk and here i am trying to quit you are picking it up
see on streets n meetin n toking is different what... =)

I full fledged smoker already. Been 7 months.
well its never too late to quit