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If I am to be at Singapore at this moment, I'd probably be out there drinking with my very fabulous friends, whom I miss muchly.
On a Saturday night like this, in a far off different place down south, my state of mind is, in comparison to my mindset in Singapore, a stark contrast. Despite the scenes from my own Singapore-made film that keeps replaying in my reel mind, I feel neither depressed nor exasperating. My Saturdays, on a particular one like today, has been spent running errands, going to the fresh market at Victoria, shopping at Chapel Street then went home after a fabulous (!) dinner at Pacific Place. Ironing in Singapore seemed like a chore, but while I was ironing the clothes in Melbourne, the latter seemed therapeutic. I miss you guys (you would know who you are). Enjoy your weekend and I am, indeed, enjoying myself as much as I can. And then I shall hit back to the books.

They call it the last burst of fire.
u shld have gone to watch the fireworks tonite..... if u were in singapore tt is. breathe taking.
its just fireworks. it's the people i miss =P
but imagine watchin the fireworks with the people u miss... =)

ps: i know u for so long till now still havent met. I'm addicted to smokin now..... =(
but you've seen me in the streets before =P
dun smoke. difficult to quit. tsk and here i am trying to quit you are picking it up
see on streets n meetin n toking is different what... =)

I full fledged smoker already. Been 7 months.
well its never too late to quit
went to attica for my first and last time before i leave and wish you were there. sigh.
Study hard. see you back in SG soon :)
u promised to come melb =P
yep yep. In Nov. Will keep you updated.
Hey Yubin, I'm coming to Melbourne next month.
hey great babe!! call me when you are here... will pass you my new number when i am on msn... who you coming with?
I Miss My MiMi Too! Come London! =P
since you're coming back this CNY i will be seeing you lor
hee hee
YaY!!! Let me know which dates you back or are you back for good then?
should be year end... keep in touch lor =) cant wait!
Hehe! Me too =) And you promise to cook for me also ah! 8P