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Everything is kinda settled in, and it takes time to enjoy the new environment.
I still miss the green view I get from our previous Spring Street apartment (I actually make it a conscious effort not to walk past there), but I must say the view from Wells Street's not too bad either.
Well, at least the fake eiffel tower looking thingy doesn't look half as bad as I used to think though.
On a brighter note, according to cowie, I will be starting my parking potianak thingy next week. Oh, and a new sauna is opening in town mid-aug and I was offerred a job there (as a cashier) that pays A$17/hr. It will be interesting to see who goes there and not what happens there.
Sauna's cashier = A$17/hr!?!?! i want to be a sauna boi!
come aussie lor
i intro you, sure get the job one!