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Everything is kinda settled in, and it takes time to enjoy the new environment.
I still miss the green view I get from our previous Spring Street apartment (I actually make it a conscious effort not to walk past there), but I must say the view from Wells Street's not too bad either.
Well, at least the fake eiffel tower looking thingy doesn't look half as bad as I used to think though.
On a brighter note, according to cowie, I will be starting my parking potianak thingy next week. Oh, and a new sauna is opening in town mid-aug and I was offerred a job there (as a cashier) that pays A$17/hr. It will be interesting to see who goes there and not what happens there.
Sauna's cashier = A$17/hr!?!?! i want to be a sauna boi!
come aussie lor
i intro you, sure get the job one!
Skank!!! Heh heh... ;)
is that the leaning tower of wells street?
its called the leaning hands of the monkey in wells street
are u back in melb????? and i wanna work at that new sauna too!!!! so excitement!!!
yes. i am baaccckkkkk! i changed my number, will sms u my new one =)
pls sms me your new number. i msg u today but no reply :(

- your excellent mother
(Deleted comment)
(Screened comment)
i love booking people! just as well you work in mel and not SG.
Study hard hard
Work hard hard
And come back fast!!!
errr...sorry if this is kinda out of the blue...but i think i saw u today...were u at the gym of melb uni?? or more specifically the change room? with the freaking weird angmor ahpek that was changing and bathing in the nude?
Hey there, yup i was at they gym today. but i dun quite think i know who are you. first year student?
haha, i dont know u also....just chanced upon this blog and u look kinda familar....im in 3rd year...BSc...u? got msn??
i miss you already leh. but i noe you dun miss me one lor